Squatter Tanks (Southern Cross)

The wide range of tank capacities available and the choice of high or low profile design allows simple specification of a tank, or tanks, to suit particular space, location and application requirements.



Southern Cross pre-fabricated tanks (Squatters Tanks) provide a safe-economical water storage solution for Industry, Fire Services, Potable Supplies, Mining, Elevated Storage and Air Conditioning



  • Ground level tanks available up to 25.4 m diameter and up to 7.2 m in height, and depending upon wind and seismic loading conditions, certain (limited) tank capacities may be able to elevated up to 30 m high

  • Completely pre-fabricated for easy transportation to site and simple on-site assembly

  • Bolt-together “stripseal” design

  • TANK BOTTOM: 1.6mm galvanised steel sheets with bolted, lapped joints and special rubber seals

  • TANK SIDES: Hot dip galvanised mild steel ring and batten framework supporting 1.6 mm thick, bolted, lapped and rubber strip sealed sheets

  • FLAT TOPS: Available for all tank sizes and constructed of galvanised steel decking material mounted on galvanised steel framing supported by pipe posts.

  • CONICAL TOPS: Available for all tank sizes. Finished with galvanised mild steel flat sheeting supported by galvanised steel framework and posts.

  • Australian designed and manufactured

  • Storage capacities from 9 to 3040 kilolitres in a range of heights and diameters

  • Rugged, all galvanised steel construction to suit all conditions

  • ISO 9001 quality assured

  • Complies with relevant Codes under Australian Standards

  • Fittings to reduce vortex formation when water is being pumped out of tank enabling the bottom water level to be lower, increasing the usable capacity of the tank