CBI Series

Designed for automatic water pressure boosting in domestic applications, light industry, washdown, rural and stock watering.


Domestic pressure system (with Presscontrol), water transfer, irrigation and garden supply

Key Features

  • Presscontrol systems for excellent pressure and flow control without a pressure tank

  • Pressure Tank Systems with 8 and 18 litre tanks

  • Anti-corrosion tanks with fixed butyl diaphragms

  • All stainless steel pump construction

  • Brass suction line check valve supplied

  • Pressure to 550 kPa (80psi)

  • Easy installation and operation

  • Supplied with 1.8m lead and 3 pin plug

  • Output to 130 lpm for up to 11 tap supply

Presscontrol Features

  • For perfect pressure and flow control without a pressure tank

  • Presscontrol eliminates cycling and safeguards against dry running for total pump protection

  • No pump protection devices required

  • No adjustment required during installation or operation

  • Saves space — no pressure tank needed

  • Simple installation — 25mm male connections

  • Maintenance free

  • Saves energy through less pump starts and extends motor life

Pressure Tank Features

  • Special corrosion resistant coating for clean water supply and extended tank life

  • Fixed butyl diaphragm ensuring permanent isolation of water and air cushion

  • 8 and 18 litre capacity in-line tanks. 2.5 and 5.5 litre draw-off

Construction Materials

  • Suction chamber 304SS

  • Pump housing 304SS

  • Intermediate chamber 304SS

  • Impeller 304SS

  • Shaft 431SS

  • Shaft seal SIC/Carbon

  • Drain and priming plugs 304SS

  • Base plate 304SS


2 years