SXMSD (Stoneduster)

The  MSD (Multi-Stage) Stonedusters were designed for both simple and economic operation. Via two drop pins the MSD can be converted from a simple Face Dusting unit to a multi-bag Trickle Duster capable of delivering up to 9 bags over 50+ metres. The MSD units are non-pressurised and are fitted with a quick disconnect Tri-clover clamp to the educator to allow instant access for any maintenance or foreign object removal.

The SD is a modified version of the very successful SX60-V Guzzla. Fitted with a low air spiralled ejector nozzle which allows the SD to maintain a high air/dust ratio in the line constantly. The SD can retrieve bulk stonedust under vacuum from a remote source and deliver the same, some 50metres+ to its required location. The self-loading capacity removes the need for the continuous bend and lift currently experienced when operating the Canton type dusters.

Technical Data

  • Height: 110cm (3'6")

  • Weight: 172kgs

  • Air Consumption: 120cfm @85psi


1 Year