SX300 Mining Slurry Pump

The SX300 Mining Slurry Pump was purpose built to transfer large volumes of high solids content mining slurries. Designed for ease of transportation in underground operations the SX300 Mining Slurry Pump is capable of moving up to 30m3/hour over a distances of 1000 metres. The air powered jet pack generates over 25"hg of vacuum from either 400 or 600cfm @ 85psi+. The SX300 Mining Slurry Pump can be fixed or portable and is a simple one man operation with both manual and full automatic function, it's ideal for the rapid capture and transfer of slurry containing aggregate up to 70mm in diameter


Large sump cleaning, shaft and tunnel clearing, tailings dam cleaning, conveyor belt spillage clean-up, digester cleaning, thickener muck out, high volume waste transfer, clean-up of boot ends and transfer points , slops pond de-mucking and pulp and paper mill waste transfer 


  • High vacuum 25"hg with very high airflows

  • Robust, compact and portable

  • No internal workings

  • Intrinsically safe

  • Recovers up to 50+ metres (150')

  • Delivers in excess of 1000 metres (3000")

  • 100% air powered and operated

  • A proven track record 

Technical Data

  • Height 91cm (3'6")

  • Width 91cm (3'6")

  • Length 167cm (5'6")

  • Weight 465kgs (1023lbs)

  • Air consumption 400cfm@85psi+

  • Suction inlet 100mm (4")

  • Discharge outlet 100mm (4")

  • Handles solids to 70mm (3")


1 Year