SX1300-VLRU Liquid Recover Unit

The SX1300-VLRU Liquid Recovery Unit is a centralised portable vacuum unit designed for the capture, storage or transfer of heavy viscous liquids. The SX1300 features two distinct Jet Packs which can be operated individually or  simultaneously. This feature allows the SX1300 to operate with two 50mm (2") and one 75mm (3") inlets which can be operated in any combination.

The SX1300-VLRU can be installed on one level with suction hoses being stationed at various potential trouble spots allowing the rapid recovery of spills significantly reducing associated risk in the workplace. The SX1300 can operate from standard rig air supply and features no electrics or internal moving parts, foreign objects such as rags and bolts pose no issue to the units integrity.


Rig floor spills and clean up, shaker house spills and maintenance, pit cleaning and mud transfer, process plant maintenance, tunnelling operations, barge and cargo hull cleaning and petrochemical plant operations


  • High vacuum up to 25"Hg +

  • Compact design and robust manufacturing

  • Variable air consumption 185-280 cfm @ 85psi+

  • Multiple Inlets, 2 x 50mm (2") and 1 x 75mm (3")

  • Low pressure discharge 10psi max

  • 100mm (4") outlet for rapid discharge

  • 100% air powered and operated (No electrics)

  • Simple and Safe to operate


1 Year