SX-LDU Lime Dosing Unit

The LDU is a stand-alone Lime Dosing Unit capable of loading via vacuum both hydrated lime and water from their individual sources simultaneously. The lime and water are combined "in tank" and dispersed via the aerated water under pressure. The system allows for variable dosing down to just 0.6 g per litre, this gives the operator maximum control over the ph adjustments throughout.

The unit is simple in design and operation, the lime feed is pneumatically controlled and remains completely segregated from carrier source until it enters the tank. The hydrated solution can then be delivered via a 75mm pipe up to 600 metres from the LDU. The aerated solution gives excellent dispersal and coverage which is often enhanced by the windrowing effect the system. The fast flow jet has a throughput of 13-15,000 litres per hour.

The LDU also features a remote location operation, this enable the unit to start, dose and shutdown via sms text control, this is ideal for both tidal affected areas along with out of hours/rapid response continuous operations.

Technical Data

  • Trailer: Single axel off-road 316 s/steel fabrication

  • Plant Skid (Hot Gal Dipped)

  • Compressor XAS 185 cfm silent

  • Pneumatic hose reel, 60 metre x 25mm HD Hose

  • MSD Hopper for single or multi bag applications

  • 316 LDU solids unit


  • Bulk loading spear

  • 50mm Hydrated lime delivery hose

  • 75mm Suction hose

  • Buka bag sling and shroud


1 Year