M-Vac Mobile Vac Tanks

The M-Vac Mobile Vacuum Tanks are designed for a range of applications including the recover and transportation of mining slurries for both above and underground operations through to the capture of dry rail grinds from track maintenance machines. The M-Vac tanks are designed for either full vacuum where the Jet Pack or an SX Solids Pump is connected directly to the tank or alternatively low vacuum and pressure where the material is delivered into the tank via an Solids Pump.

The M-Vac Mobile Vacuum Tanks can be trailer or skid mounted and offer the operator an economical alternative to the high cost of a Vac Truck. The M-Vac tanks can be fitted with reverse pulse filtration for dry material capture and no filtration is required for wet or slurrified materials.


Underground mining road and sump maintenance, under conveyor cleaning and spill recovery, pit and sump maintenance, emergency spill response, effluent capture and transfer, low cost grain silo support and agriculture


  • Flexibility in design

  • Sturdy durable construction with low maintenance

  • Can support both High Vacuum and High Pressure (If required)

  • Simple low cost operation

  • Fixed, Skid or Trailer mounted

  • Variable filtration configurations

  • Tilt or low pressure discharge options

  • Economical alternative to Vac Trucks

Technical Data

  • Carbon steel construction

  • Internal lining (Optional)

  • Reverse Pulse Filtration (Optional) 

  • High Vacuum 25"HG

  • 2,3,4,6 and 8 cubic metre capacities available 

  • Gravity or Low pressure discharge options


1 Year